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We are a very friendly family church following the wisdom of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe in the love and forgiveness of God, and have faith in the eternal soul and that communication with the spirit world is possible.

We only work in light and love and always welcome anyone in, to come and go as they please. Drop in occasionally, periodically or become a regular, regardless of your faith our doors are open to everyone.

Our Ministers:

Our services are conducted with great love, no matter what the occasion.

Always remembering the human touch and not getting over involved in the format. Like all Churches, we offer a variety of other services:

All of the services are arranged to suit the requests of the people concerned, which often means prayers or readings can be added to make it individual and unique.

We may be working under the banner of the Christian Spiritualist Society, but that does not stop people from other traditional beliefs, asking for all types of services.  To speak to one of our team about any of our services please contact us for an informal chat.

Sarah Bryson is a Minister, Healer Trainer and Assessor.

She is an experienced medium and also our Mediumship Booking Secretary.

Susan Brereton is the Vice President and Healer

Adrian started working in the Spiritualist churches in 1980.

He continued working in the churches throughout he working career and is now the Regional Minister for 3 counties, working out of Bancroft Church for the last 25 years, training and supporting Ministers and healers and enjoying teaching through Bancroft & over the internet.

Roberta started visiting Spiritualist churches through meeting Adrian in 1995.  

She felt completely at home with the concept of a spiritual pathway and through the years has progressed to a minister and healer trainer.