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HPAI Definition:

Healing Practionier Association International(HPAI) states that healing is not new. It goes right back through the ages to primitive man. The practice of healing throughout the ages seems to have found favour at some periods, only to fade into the background at other times, then to return again as in our present time.

Healing can be defined as an energy to which the healer attunes himself/herself. The healer becomes the channel to transfer this energy to the patient. This can also be done remotely to the patient, and is often known as Absent or Distance Healing. Send an email to us with names of those you would like added to our healing book.

How it Works:

Healing is regarded as a complementary therapy. The approach is a holistic one; that is to say, the healer is the channel for the healing energy. Healing may involve talking to the patient by way of healer counselling and the laying on of hands. Instruction in positive thinking and self-healing may also be given.

The healer will expect your co-operation. Please have an open mind, and a positive approach. Healing is often described as being progressive, so be patient and wait for the results. Try to be open and discuss matters with the healer. All recognised healers are bound by a code of practice.

Healing is certainly not a substitute for medical treatment therefore, if you are receiving treatment from your doctor you must continue to do so. All recognised healers aim to work in close co-operation with the medical profession. If you have not sought medical advice and a healer advises you to do so, you should take note of that advice.

How to Receive Healing:

The Association holds a directory of its recognised certified healers. For more information please ring 01908 608561. More information about the HPAI can be found here

Healing is also offered after Church each Sunday.